Pediatric Dental Surgery in East Brunswick, NJ

Pediatric dental treatment in a hospital setting is a very special service we provide for both young patients as well as patients with special needs. We may recommend hospital dental treatment for children who require an extensive amount of dentistry due to early childhood caries. We may also recommend hospital dental treatment to provide necessary treatment for patients with special needs who are not at ease, or physically unable to have the needed work performed in the dental office.

All of the dental procedures, including x-rays, can be performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. A Pediatric Anesthesiologist is constantly monitoring the patient throughout the duration of the procedure. The dental treatment is completed in a hospital setting in a fully equipped operating room and the patient recovers in a fully staffed recovery room and goes home the same day. These steps are take to protect the patient in all phases of the procedures.

Dr. Jason Nudelman is board certified and the Chief of Pediatric Dental Surgery at Saint Peters University Hospital. Dr. Jena Barry is board certified and a surgeon at the hospital as well. Both Dr. Nudelman and Dr. Barry have the capability of performing all pediatric dental procedures at the hospital while the patient is under general anesthesia.

Pediatric dental treatment in a hospital setting is a coordinated team effort and our goal at East Brunswick & Marlton Pediatric Dentistry is to ensure all children receive the best possible dental care.