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When looking for a dedicated, highly qualified dentist for your child, look no farther than the pediatric dentists in Marlton, New Jersey. We have extensive training in every aspect of child dentistry.  Our dentists, along with the professional dental staff at Marlton Pediatric Dentistry, are superb at working with children.  We believe that a child should start a good dental hygiene program at the earliest age possible.  We endorse proper cleaning to help maintain healthy teeth.  Our dentists offer a myriad of services that allows your children’s dental experience to be comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.  Protecting your child’s teeth are our number one goal.

Marlton Pediatric Dental Services

On the first visit the child is given an initial oral exam and x-rays and all procedures will be explained by the dentist and attending staff at this time. The dentist will then confer with the parent about the options available for any dental treatment, if needed.  Regular checkups will be suggested to help maintain a healthy smile.  We hope your child will leave the dental office happy and looking forward to their next visit with our Marlton Pediatric Dentists.

Children with special needs

Our pediatric dentists are specialists in dentistry for children with physical, mental and emotional disabilities.  Our entire staff has received special training in the care of children with disabilities and special needs.  Their extensive training assures that they will render the most caring and sensitive dental service.  Parents can feel free to discuss with our Marlton pediatric dentist any concerns or problems that they feel are important about the services we provide for their child.

Emergency Dental Care and Services

Accidents and other emergencies can happen to any one at any time.  A child’s dental emergency can be a frightening experience.  Our doctors and staff at the pediatric dentists office will take care of any emergency immediately upon the child’s arrival. If an emergency happens after office hours, your dentist will instruct you to go to the nearest emergency clinic.  They will also give you information as to what to do until you reach the emergency center. Certain precautions will need to be in place in the instance of a broken or cracked tooth, or the loss of a permanent tooth by any accidental means.

Our dentists and staff are truly dedicated to promoting healthy oral care for your children.  We educate parents on how they can work with the dentist to ensure that their children keep their bright smiles and healthy teeth.  We encourage children to eat healthy and to play safely by wearing mouth guards when playing sports. Schedule an appointment with our Marlton pediatric dentists today by calling (856) 291-6888.